Fascinated by the warmth! 10 warm winter coats

This season when the cold deepens. Winter is coming soon, isn't it? It's time to start winter preparations. When it comes to getting ready for winter, it's a coat. I have a favorite coat, but I feel like I want to make a new one this year. I want to find not only the profoundness of the material and the beauty of the decoration, but also the discerning item that touches the heartstrings. For those of you who are like that, we would like to introduce our recommended warm "winter coat" that you can enjoy in the cold winter.

1) Western lady classical wool coat

A classic wool coat. An item full of dignity and elegance, it creates a beautiful lady. The size and texture are loose, and you can enjoy rough and unpretentious adult casual outfits.


2) Willow-brown hazy wool long coat

A wool coat with a hazy willow brown color. All-wool coats are hard to fuzz and are very warm. A coat spun by a skilled craftsman creates a cute maiden. Beautifully embroidered flowers on the collar.

3) Flower dark blue indigo wool long coat

A long wool coat in navy blue with a classical atmosphere. It is an item that combines neatness and beauty. Give it a dignified atmosphere with a fragile scent. The style that tightens the waist is cute.

4) British classic plaid trench coat

British classical plaid coat. It is an item full of grand dignity. The size and texture are loose, so you can enjoy a rough and unpretentious casual outfit. The moderate length will elevate it to an adult casual look.

5) Medieval exotic wool coat

A wool coat with a retro feel. There is a dignified atmosphere with a fleeting scent. A dream-like silhouette that spreads softly is a girl's eternal admiration. Enjoy winter coordination with a feminine atmosphere.

6) black wool coat with clasp decoration

A black coat with nice clasp decorations on the sleeves. The glossy black creates an elegant maiden. The simple design makes it easy to match with any item. A nice item for the coming season with its warm texture.

7) Flax Maiden Fleece Jacket

A fleece jacket that is soft and fluffy to the touch. The cute atmosphere will make you feel like a girl. The style and texture are loose, so enjoy a rough and unpretentious casual outfit.

8) brown retro maiden wool coat

A wool coat with a nice brown color. The loose and long length makes it possible to create a pretty maiden. The slightly retro atmosphere is cute and goes well with any item. The style with a tight waist is nice.

9) maiden wool coat with light ink plaid

A light black plaid wool coat with a cute ribbon on the chest. Oversized clothing is recommended. The style and texture are loose, and you can enjoy rough and unpretentious coordination. It's made of warm material, so it should be a great winter outfit.

10) Black and White Plaid Classical Wool Coat

Black and white plaid wool coat. It also creates a classic atmosphere, so you can enjoy winter outfits that are not too casual. Pair with high-waisted bottoms for a beautiful look. We also recommend pairing it with a dress or long skirt for a feminine look.

How was it? Numerous coats that give off a beautiful elegance. Just imagining the happiness of being wrapped in a warm coat makes me long for winter. Now, find your favorite item.