It shines in a beautiful quiet forest! 10 selections of "Summer" through the early summer sunshine

Early summer when the "blue" of the sky and the "green" of the mountains begin to shine. The forest, wet with drizzle, is covered with dense green. When the early summer sun shines through the clear sky, the fine gradation is not woven, and it seems that "Summer" clothes emerge. The clean early summer breeze sways the young leaves and clothes as they pass by. Come on, summer is almost here.

1) Dress bathed in light purple moonlight

A light purple dress that gives off a noble and bewitching atmosphere. I can't help but admire the fantastic and glossy appearance. A dress that sways softly with every step gives a lovely impression. A high-class dress that is captivating with its beautiful colors.

2) French skirt with a cherry blossom pattern that blooms on a jet-black night

A skirt designed with a cherry blossom petal pattern in the jet-black night sky. The skirt has different lengths on the front and back and sways with every step, creating a romantic atmosphere. A generous amount of fabric creates a bewitching maiden.

3) Gunho Petal Embroidered Cheongsam Dress

A china dress with a colorful flower pattern that seems to have the scent of fragrant flowers. It is embroidered with beads that sparkle when the sun hits it. The sleeves and hem are decorated with pure white chiffon, creating a transparent maiden look.

4) British ball plaid retro skirt

A plaid skirt that looks like an English lady's ball. The skirt has different lengths on the front and back and sways with every step, creating a romantic atmosphere. The slanted checkered pattern creates a grand impression. Exquisite contrast gives a retro impression.

5) Midnight Princess Frill Strap Dress

A strap dress full of French retro atmosphere. The frills on the shoulder line create a cute maiden look. Although it is "black" with a dark impression, it brings out a lovely sweetness. Enjoy the charm of black to your heart's content.

6) Nadeshiko-colored cherry blossom pattern camisole dress

A camisole dress with a beautiful pale pink cherry blossom pattern. It is an item in which cherry blossoms that emit a sweet scent are in full bloom. The fabric is soft, drapeable, and can be worn beautifully. If you feel a little chilly, please wear a cardigan.

7) Floral blouse in forest sunlight

Sunlight filtering through the trees sways in the clear air. A flower-patterned blouse that glistens in the sunlight of the forest. A heart-throbbing piece with pale and beautiful colors. The large collar is girly and has both a fragile and pretty impression.

8) Light red plum cardigan that gets wet in the drizzle

A cardigan that looks like a drizzle twinkling in the sunlight. Light red plum color with a noble impression is vivid and beautiful. Fluffy sleeves will tickle your girlish heart. It looks beautiful when paired with a camisole dress.

9) Purple and red petal pattern dress

A refreshing and cute flower pattern dress. It's like a summer plateau with colorful flowers in full bloom. The fabric is relatively thin, seasonal, and has a lining. When exposed to the transparent summer sunlight, it becomes a maiden full of transparency.

10) misty sunset cardigan

A cardigan that looks like the color of a misty sunset. Available in two colors, apricot and purple. It can be easily put on and is recommended as a summer cardigan. The overall design is loose and the shoulders are dropped.

How was it? Wear your favorite "Summer" and go out under the soft blue sky during the rainy season.