It shines in the clear blue sky! 10 dazzling "early summer fashions" with the blue sky and sunlight

A clear blue sky like a mirror. The sky becomes a clear light blue, and the warm sunlight that comes in makes you feel the change of seasons. A beautiful season when the wind blows through the valley, the greenery grows thick, and the birds sing. Early summer is coming soon. Please take a look at our recommended "early summer fashion" while feeling the scent of the refreshing morning air.

1) Forest-colored dress that gets wet in the starlight

A forest-colored dress with a neat and clean atmosphere that gets wet in the starlight. The dark green color gives off a fleeting and dignified atmosphere. The high waist and short length make it an item that can be worn beautifully. Try to complete a neat and casual style up.


2) Hydrangea flower embroidery blouse

A beautiful blouse with a single hydrangea-colored flower embroidery. It is an item full of dignified atmosphere. It creates a sense of the season and completes a sweet and cute style. The decoration of flower embroidery is lovely. It creates a mature and girly impression.

3) Plaid skirt in summer grass color

A skirt with a beautiful summer grass color. The neat yet gorgeous and beautiful colors will make your heart flutter. The skirt that sways softly with each step has both a fleeting and lovely impression. An item that will make you fascinated by the way it sways in the wind.

4) Chrysanthemum pattern camisole dress

A flower embroidered camisole dress that will make you sigh in admiration for its beauty. It is an item that quietly praises the clear beauty. Welcome to the lovely and beautiful world. A neat and clean dress that makes a girl with a feminine atmosphere look "special".

5) Fleeting love-colored dress like a dream

A dream-like ephemeral love-colored dress that brings out the potential charm of women. A cute item that will make you look gorgeous just by wearing it. I like a slightly retro taste that combines neatness and beauty.

6) Moonlit lake color setup

A moonlit lake-colored plaid jacket and pants setup. It creates a lovely atmosphere and creates a cute adult style. An item that can be worn casually with seasonal colors.

7) White indigo flower embroidery camisole dress

A white indigo floral embroidery camisole dress that will make you sigh in admiration for its beauty. It is an item that quietly praises the clear beauty. Welcome to the lovely and beautiful world. The way it sways gently as you walk is beautiful. A piece that has both fragility and pretty impression.

8) Jade colored polka dot dress reflected on the surface of the lake

A polka dot dress with a beautiful jade color reflected on the surface of the lake. An item of the leading role that can be worn with just one piece. The pretty figure illuminated by the shining sunlight creates a neat and pretty girl. A piece full of seasonality with clear colors.

9) Fairy one piece that shared secrets

A dress with a feminine touch. It has a mature finish with an elegant atmosphere. A pretty taste with a sense of sheer creates a pretty woman. With neat items, going out in the coming season will surely be fun.

10) A tear-colored dress that doesn't bear first love

A pretty dress in bright purple. There is a dignified atmosphere with a fleeting scent. The moderate length will elevate it to an adult casual look. Enjoy the "purple" one-piece with a feminine atmosphere.

How was it? It's still chilly at times, but the seasons change quickly. The coming season when the evening breeze crossing the river is pleasant. Be sure to check out the early "early summer fashion".