I can't wait for the light spring sunshine! 10 selections of "Early Spring" that shines in the clear blue sky

Happy new year. We look forward to working with you this year. Although it's early spring, it's still a little while before the sun is so warm that you can lie down on the grass and fall asleep. I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't wait for the sunny season. Introducing "Early Spring" that shines in the clear blue sky. It might be a little early, but get your heart pumping for the arrival of spring.

1) Blue mauve French blouse

i like blue The shade of blue, like a clear blue sky, makes us feel bright and sunny. The decorated lace is full of dignity, giving the impression of a transparent maiden. An item full of hidden loveliness.

2) Dark Blue Hoshikawa Umbrella Skirt

Umbrella skirt with a beautiful navy blue like the galaxy in the night sky. A sigh leaks out at the figure that sways softly every time you walk. The decorated belt creates an elegant maiden. Enjoy the charm of blue that quietly celebrates its clear beauty.

3) Jet Black Lady Double Breasted Dress

A double-breasted dress with unflattering strength and ladylike elegance. The "black" that you want to wear on your special day gives an impression of an adult lady. A dress that makes your lines look beautiful and you want to wear it simply by itself.

4) Western-style plaid jacket and skirt set-up

A maiden who lives in a Western-style building with a dignified atmosphere. What I took out from the bookshelf was a secret literary work with Western illustrations. I plan to immerse myself in Western literature on weekends. With sweet tea and your favorite cake.

5) Deep red ball velvet dress

A beautiful velvet dress with a deep red color with a hint of purple. Tonight's lady dressed in decadent beauty. The lustrous figure illuminated by the moonlight is a memorable silhouette. An item filled with sex appeal and dignity.

6) Crimson ribbon decoration dress

A crimson dress that sways and sways. The ribbon decoration on the sleeve is cute, and it is an adult-like and elegant item. Show off your free-spirited splendor. A dress that makes your day special just by wearing it.

7) Snow-white floral embroidery dress

A dress with a soft and fluffy impression. The flower embroidery on the collar gives it an elegant atmosphere. Enjoy the beauty of the heroine of a story with this neat and clean dress. For a romantic mood with an adult-like fragility.

8) Tropical citrus plaid dress

A dress with a citrus-colored plaid that shines beautifully under the brilliant tropical sun. The contrast with the clear blue sky is like a careless palette. The dress that flutters in the wind gives off a casual yet mature impression.

9) Indigo flower pattern romantic dress

An indigo-dyed dress with a delicately drawn floral pattern. The included stole is removable, allowing you to enjoy a romantic atmosphere. Blown in the early spring breeze, the one-piece flutters and flutters, revealing and hiding a grown-up sophistication.

10) Classical one-piece dress

A classic style dress with a beautiful yellowish leaf color. There is a casual atmosphere in the neat and stylish. The discerning square button is wonderful. An item that enhances the charm of women in the coming season.

How was it? The season that makes you excited just by imagining it is almost here. Please enjoy the items full of hidden loveliness that will make you happy to spend time together.