A dream social world! 10 British "Winter Classicals"

An afternoon tea party is a perfect social occasion for British people. Fragrant English tea and sweet treats. Fun and casual conversation with friends. There was also a society called hunting that was allowed only to the aristocrats who acquired high education. High-quality and beautiful clothes are suitable for such a social occasion. Introducing "Winter Classical" fashion spun with elaborate sewing that British people love. Please take a look at the items that you can be proud of just by wearing them.

1) noble hunting painting silk blouse

A blouse designed with a picture of a brave woman riding a horse and an elegant gentleman hunting in the reddish-brown earth, while hounds run around in the moors of Scotland. It is an item full of romantic atmosphere.

2) British plaid silk blouse

A plaid silk blouse that brings out the elegance of an English lady. The ribbon decoration on the neck gives a gorgeous impression. The gold buttons decorated on the cuffs are lovely. Try to style up to an elegant woman.

3) Black Lady Pleated Wool Skirt

Black pleated skirt too nice. The gold button decoration and chain decoration create an elegant and graceful atmosphere. The long skirt that sways every time you walk is wrapped in a sigh of admiration. We also recommend pairing it with a jacket made of the same material. Be a beautiful lady wearing "black".

4) Crimson Ribbon Acetate Blouse

Acetate blouse with a silky smooth texture. The passionate and noble crimson color will make you feel like a girl. The decorated ribbon also creates a flowing stole. For elegant and beautiful ladies.

5) Western equestrian painting knit sweater

A knit sweater decorated with a painting depicting a beautiful landscape woven by people and horses. The horse, which is a symbol of nobility, gives a noble atmosphere. It looks even better when paired with a blouse with a pretty collar. A mature and cute item that is indispensable for your autumn and winter wardrobe.

6) Western aristocratic hunting jacket

A hunting jacket that gained popularity as hunting clothes for Western aristocrats. Reprinted as a classic jacket for modern times. Once used to store maps, compasses and ammunition, pockets are now playful and practical. We also recommend wearing it with jeans for a casual look.

7) British classical oiled jacket

The British-born oiled jacket is an item for the British royal family. The waterproof jacket made of high-quality cotton soaked in oil is popular for its high durability and functionality. It was also worn by British aristocrats for activities such as hunting, fishing and horseback riding. It's called a 'coat for life', so it generally doesn't need to be washed, but it should be re-waxed after a few years of use for best protection. Nice British plaid lining. It is a jacket whose texture increases with repeated care.

8) Tawny Corduroy Harrington Jacket

The Harrington Jacket was originally a rain jacket designed for the gentleman's golf game. The corduroy has a thick texture that has been washed and softened, giving it a retro feel. The check pattern lining and the embroidered decoration on the chest are wonderful. It is the item which is loved more than the times.

9) British lady classical polo coat

The polo coat has its origins in polo, which was a sport for aristocrats in the early 20th century. Known as a noble item, the polo coat has a classical and elegant atmosphere. Nice lining with medieval cavalry. An item full of dignity and elegance, it creates a beautiful lady.

10) Countess's plaid wool vest and skirt

A classic plaid vest and skirt inspired by the bourgeois style of the 1970s. An item with an impression reminiscent of the good old days. The moderate length of the skirt gives it a casual atmosphere, but it gives off a dignified impression.

How was it? A lot of longed-for British classical items. Enjoy the cold winter by wearing clothes that you think are wonderful from the bottom of your heart.