To the world of bewitching fascination! 10 splendid “Spring China” selections

Beautiful spring with blooming flowers. A noble white flower that even small white birds and butterflies can admire. The shade of green trees reflected on the surface of the flowing water. A faint scent of flowers drifting on a hazy moonlit night. The gentle breeze caressing your cheeks will make you feel like you're in a dream. While listening to the sound of the flute echoing from far away, spend a relaxing time wearing the splendid “Spring China”. Every time I think of wearing it, my cheeks relax.

1) Wisteria flower pattern retro dress

A wisteria purple floral dress with a bewitching atmosphere. The delicate floral pattern drawn with a brush creates a retro atmosphere. Tulle fabric is used for the shoulder area. The top of the slit at the hem is decorated with a Chinese-like decoration. The captivating beauty relaxes your cheeks.

2) Eight Fragments of the Book Cheongsam Tops and Skirts

Chinese tops and skirts based on the 19th-century Chinese art of "eight broken paintings." Hakha-ga is an art that combines cultural relics such as remnants of books, torn letter paper, love letters, burnt paintings, and worm-eaten books. Art that builds up broken beauty and sublimes it into paintings has a unique charm. I am fascinated by the splendid and bewitching China.

3) Chinese dress with white lotus blossoms and swallows flying

A Chinese dress that expresses the beauty of spring. A gentle breeze blows, misty rain falls on the flowers, swallows fly in the sky, and the white lotuses that have just sprouted are blooming like they are floating. Try wearing a fantastic spring scene.

4) Ink China ruffle dress that smokes in the clouds

Is it clouds or mountains over there? A cheongsam dress that expresses Mt. Cloud covered with fog with a gradation of light and shade. An item with bold cutouts on the shoulders and soft ruffles around the chest. He/she directs collarbone beautifully. Be a bewitching China girl wearing a quiet silence.

5) Chunlin flower embroidery cheongsam dress

A china dress with a color like the spring sky where spring rain pours down. The neck, chest and waist are embroidered with white lace flowers. It has a design that looks like a braided string hanging from the waist. Be a captivating China girl who plays the quiet sound of rain.

6) Pure lily embroidered cheongsam dress

A china dress with a pure and noble color like a lily flower. The shoulders and chest are slightly cut out, and the neck and cuffs are embellished with lustrous pearls. The flared sleeves from the shoulder to the cuffs give an elegant look. To a fascinating China girl.

7) Water Wave Light Embroidered Cheongsam Dress

A cheongsam dress that looks like the waves standing on the surface of the water, with the sunlight shining in and the swaying light shining. The embellished sequins sparkle, and the embroidery that mimics flowers creates an elegant lady. It has a bewitching and enchanting atmosphere. A set of camisole dress and cape.

8) Floral Jacquard Dress with thin green onions

A pale green floral jacquard dress with a bewitching atmosphere. It is a pale Morandi color item loved by the painter Morandi. The shoulders are decorated with tulle, creating an elegant atmosphere. A floral brooch is decorated at the top of the chest and hem slits.

9) gray blue rain fog cheongsam dress

A china dress that looks like it's been wet in a fine mist-like rain. The woven silver thread gives a slightly sparkling and bewitching atmosphere. The design has a string hanging from the waist, and the flowing and swaying appearance will make your heart beat faster.

10) Jet black princess China dress

A China dress that combines a jet black top and skirt. The shoulders are bulging, and the hem of the upper body spreads out in the shape of a letter eight, giving it a lovely atmosphere. For a beautiful young lady full of mysterious charm.

How was it? The moderate china will make your heart beat faster. Be a captivating Chinese girl who unleashes her fresh beauty.