Dress up the delicate handiwork of a tailor! 10 Nostalgic "Old Fashions"

Romantic, rustic and sophisticated French-chic clothes are not only dressy but also magical. The nostalgic atmosphere with the faint scent of the good old days is irresistible. "Old fashion" is a harmonious combination of a calm and comfortable feeling and a somewhat new style. The clothes designed by tailors are all gems where you can feel the attention to detail. You will surely fall in love in an instant.

1) Taisho retro vintage blouse

Taisho retro vintage blouse. The white pearl buttons sparkle beautifully. It is an item with a neat and clean scent. Feminine coordination combined with a skirt will be a feminine outfit. Try to style up to an elegant woman.

2) Movie actress white vintage dress

A white vintage dress with a clean scent. In the atmosphere like a movie actress in the 1970s. A mature and feminine dress with a high waist that looks stylish, and a moderate length that makes you look neat and elegant.

3) Comedy actress black vintage dress

A mature and cute vintage blouse that will tickle your girl's heart. The material is comfortable to wear, and the fluffy sleeves are cute. It is characterized by a high waistline, and it is attractive that you can enhance your style by emphasizing your waist line. It has a clean and elegant atmosphere.

4) Vintage blouse with white flower embroidery

Vintage blouse with floral embroidery. Floral decorations and decorations on the cuffs create a lovely feminine look. A feminine look with a long skirt for a feminine look. Coordination with denim is also cute and recommended.

5) Light blue lake color classic dress

A dress with a beautiful light lake color and a retro atmosphere. There is a fleeting and dignified atmosphere. You will fall in love with its elegant and beautiful appearance. It gives off a clean and elegant look. A classy and feminine item.

6) White flower embroidery vintage dress

A white vintage dress with a neat atmosphere. The floral embroidery and frill decoration create a lovely look. The beauty of the embroidery makes my cheeks relax. Enjoy the dress with a cute atmosphere to your heart's content.

7) Mrs. Berlin's white embroidered blouse

A white vintage blouse with a neat atmosphere. The embroidery on the chest and the beauty of the ruffles make your cheeks relax. The classical design is beautiful, and it is an item that creates a dignified woman.

8) Oil painting floral skirt

A skirt with a flower pattern that looks like an oil painting. A girly item with just the right amount of sweetness. The hem that sways with every step creates a pretty woman. Wear it with your favorite tops for a feminine look.

9) German Madame vintage skirt

A long skirt with a classic look. The long length is casual, and you will fall in love with it. A must-see for girls who want to stretch themselves a little. Make the most of the atmosphere and coordinate with a slightly retro dreamy girl.

10) Blouse with wisteria petals in full bloom

A small floral blouse with a design that looks like wisteria purple petals are in full bloom. You will fall in love with its glossy and beautiful appearance. The slightly vintage atmosphere creates a neat and clean girl. Enjoy a blouse with a lovely atmosphere to your heart's content.

How was it? I want you to entrust yourself to items that are basic but have just the right amount of spice. You will be captivated by the story spun out from delicate handwork.