Feel the autumn sunshine and cool breeze! 10 A Little Early "Autumn Fashion"

Summer is still in full swing. Although the midsummer sun is shining brightly every day, "autumn fashion" has already arrived. The soft sunlight coming through the window makes your favorite clothes shine like crushed jewels. The season when you can enjoy autumn coordination swaying in the cool autumn breeze is just around the corner! Now, please enjoy our recommended "autumn fashion".

1) Blue Sky Morandi Blue Coat

Morandi Blue is a color that resembles a calm and tranquil blue sky. A casual coat that combines neatness and beauty. Give it a dignified atmosphere with a fragile scent. The style that tightens the waist is cute.

2) Willow brown dress in the shade

A dress with a willow brown color that creates a calm atmosphere. The heart-embellished collar is cute. The style and texture are loose, and you can enjoy a rough and unpretentious autumn outfit. Tie it tightly around your waist for a feminine look.

3) A dress played by the young leaves of the forest

A dress that shines like the young leaves of the forest illuminated by the sunlight. It creates a mature and cute atmosphere. It combines neatness and beauty, and has a fleeting and dignified atmosphere. A piece with a high waist style that will make you look more girly.

4) Chinese dress that blooms like water droplets

Blue, peach, green, yellow... A dress in which the flowers of paradise bloom like drops of water. The Chinese style taste will tickle your girl's heart. With a feminine style, you can wear it in a mature and cute way. An item with a delicate atmosphere and a bewitching beauty that will make your cheeks loose.

5) Transparent full moon white blouse

A white blouse that looks like a transparent full moon. Feel the scent of elegance in the pure nobility. The lace decoration is pretty, and it goes well with any bottoms, making it a gorgeous item for a dignified woman.

6) Floral embroidered blouse wet with morning dew

A blouse decorated with a decorative pattern that sparkles like a drop of morning dew and a lovely floral embroidery. The sheer sleeves create a neat and clean maiden look. Feminine coordination combined with a skirt for a feminine look. Coordination with pants is also cute and recommended.

7) Mist-colored salopette skirt

The sky I look up at is a heavy cloudy sky. The sky with light ink mist blends well with any color and complements the surrounding colors. Due to the relatively thick fabric, you can wear it from autumn to early winter. With a casual taste, the ribbon on the back creates a cute atmosphere. Pair with your favorite tops to complete a mature and girly outfit.

8) Blouse with blooming black roses

A blouse with a black rose design. It has a style that tickles the girl's heart and creates a pretty girl. Pair with casual bottoms for a girly look. We recommend pairing it with a skirt for a feminine look.

9) British classic plaid trench coat

British classical plaid coat. It is an item full of grand dignity. The size and texture are loose, so you can enjoy a rough and unpretentious casual outfit. The moderate length will elevate it to an adult casual look.

10) Fujimurasaki Classic Jacket and Vest

Classic wisteria purple jacket and vest set. Items with a classical atmosphere will be fresh if you incorporate them into your outfit. Coordination with denim is cute and recommended. Wear it with a dress or a long skirt for a feminine look.

How was it? I haven't been able to enjoy summer yet, and the rainy season is over, but it's already autumn! Many people say that, but the season is coming when you can fully enjoy fashion! It might be a good idea to prepare your autumn clothes a little early!