Walk into the misty forest! 10 "Summer Retro" that shine in clear summer light

It's like getting lost in a landscape painting of an impression painting. The forest is drenched in thick fog and is full of lush greenery. When the sun rises, the fog clears, and the soft, transparent light shines in, the "Summer Retro" clothes shine brightly. Oh what a beautiful season. If you listen carefully, you can hear the chirping of birds. Introducing the beautiful "Summer Retro" standing dignified in the tranquility.

1) Water lily oil painting French skirt

A French skirt with a deep blue water lily drawn on it. Oil paintings like Monet's water lilies create a bewitching atmosphere. Beautiful bright colors. Try pairing it with a simple top. It is also lined.

2) sunny yellow rose blouse and French skirt

A blouse and skirt with yellow roses blooming in the clear blue sky. A refreshing summer item. The blouse is decorated with a ribbon on the chest, creating a cute atmosphere. The skirt is relatively loose style. A gorgeous item that can stand up to the bright sun.

3) Sunflower embroidered oil painting dress

A dress decorated with beautiful sunflowers on the chest. The combination with fretwork fabric creates a retro and noble atmosphere. A sunflower that looks like an oil painting creates a bewitching lady. Every time I think of wearing it, my cheeks relax.

4) Silver flower embroidery blouse

A gorgeous floral embroidered blouse with glossy lace embroidery. A girl's heart will be tickled by items that shine like they are illuminated by the moonlight. The sleeves are loose-fitting lantern sleeves that are transparent. The body part is lined, so you don't have to worry about it being see-through. A lovely design that makes you feel feminine in every detail.

5) Smoky Dawn Camisole Dress

The combination of light ink color and red plum color is like a dawn with smoke. The openwork lace fabric has a vintage feel. An elegant camisole dress with a drape feel that goes well with a cardigan.

6) Red camellia flower pattern French retro dress

A flower-patterned dress with red camellias blooming gorgeously. It feels like an old French movie. The decorated lace gives it an elegant impression. You can wear it beautifully with a high waist. Like a beautiful woman with the fragrance of noble flowers.

7) Koume Yamazono's French dress

The sparse branches cast shadows on clear streams of water, and at dusk when the moon rises, a faint scent wafts out of nowhere. A retro dress with a gorgeous blooming flower pattern. The cuffs are decorated with ribbons, making it an item that can be worn in style.

8) Letter flower embroidery blouse

A light and soft floral embroidered blouse. It's like writing a love letter on a piece of paper. This item has a retro atmosphere with fluffy sleeves. It's lined, so you don't have to worry about it being see-through.

9) silver flower embroidery camisole

Floral embroidered camisole with glossy lace embroidery. A girl's heart is tickled by a camisole that shines as if illuminated by the moonlight. It creates a lovely atmosphere and creates a cute adult style. A lovely design that makes you feel feminine in every detail.

10) Bright red rose French dress

A bright red dress with an elegant fragrance. She looks like an actress in a French movie. The wrinkled texture gives you a retro feel. The frills on the shoulders create a cute maiden look.

How was it? The clothes that shine in the clear sunlight are quietly full of pure beauty. Look for your favorite "Summer Retro" that shines brightly.