Be at the mercy of the story of fate! 10 selections of “Vintage Earrings” loved over time

gorgeous and enchanting. A beautiful sparkle that looks like the tears of pearls, like studded with jewels. Retro earrings with complexity and gorgeousness. At the mercy of the story of fate, the elegant and gorgeous earrings are full of fresh brilliance as if they were taken out of a secret treasure chest. I really like what I like. Every time I think of wearing it, my cheeks loosen. Please enjoy “Vintage Earrings” that are loved over time.

1) Ruri Star River Earrings

When you look up at the ultramarine blue night sky, you can see the glittering stars like studded jewels. Earrings like those azure-colored star rivers. The bright "blue" has a splendid atmosphere. A retro item that is tossed by a story of destiny.

2) pearl tear drop earrings

An earring that unleashes a beautiful sheen like tears of pearl. Exquisite and smooth curves give an elegant impression. A princess style that fits into everyday life. The swaying earrings beautifully color a beautiful lady.

3) Black lapis lazuli drop earrings

The black lapis color that seems to be sucked in. Gorgeous and elegant earrings. An item that looks like a drop of moonlight with a fantastic transparency. At the mercy of a dramatic encounter. For a charming and beautiful lady.

4) Red Copper Ball Earrings

High-class wine is indispensable for royal and aristocratic balls. Earrings with a color like wine that color such a gorgeous feast. A golden earring is not monotonous, but complex and glamorous. Spend a romantic night here.

5) Iris Tears Earrings

An earring that spills tears like a bluish-purple iris flower. What is hidden is a fateful love story. The exquisitely combined items unleash a fantastic beauty. Like the iris flowers blowing in the wind, so do the tears that flow.

6) Crimson millet earring

Earrings made of deep crimson red millet flowers. The golden flower pillars are exquisitely arranged. The brightly colored and large foxtail flowers unleash a beauty that is hard to get close to. The item which gives a gorgeous, passionate impression.

7) Leaf jewel earrings

A glittering gold leaf earring. Illuminated by the soft sunlight, it shines fresh and fresh as if it were in its prime. Leaves blowing in the air and flying in the air. An item with shadows that are painted in jet black like the dark night.

8) Jet black crescent moon earrings

An earring that looks like a lustrous jet-black crescent moon with jewels scattered around it. You will be fascinated by the finely crafted beauty. Items with an antique look have a fascinating story behind them. Earrings with a strong presence will brighten up a beautiful lady.

9) Herb green enamel earrings

Enamel-like earrings baked with green glaze. A retro item with a lapis lazuli colored jewel in the center. The shining jewel has a color like the blue sky shining in the azure. For a charming and beautiful lady.

10) Azure gem earrings

An earring with a transparent azure gem drop. Glittering gemstones shine on golden flower petals. A beautiful retro item. It gives an elegant and noble impression. to a gorgeous lady.

How was it? Retro and special earrings can be worn regardless of the era. I want to spend a romantic night.